Walks in the lush greenery, snow-capped peaks, fresh air, slow and peaceful rhythms, and a unique spectacle of peaks and valleys immersed in nature.
Sun Sicario Chalet & Apartments is the new way to experience the mountains in all seasons.

A dream not only for snow enthusiasts, but for those seeking a personal oasis in close contact with nature, surrounded by the highest level of comfort, premium services, sports activities, and connections to the exclusive Vialattea ski area.

A mountain of emotions to be experienced in a unique setting characterized by two distinct options: Chalet and Apartments, both in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.



Nestled among gentle slopes and pointed peaks, San Sicario is a small hamlet of Cesana, in the province of Turin, situated on the natural terrace of the Upper Susa Valley. From its 1,700 meters of altitude, just a step away from the French border, this small mountain village admires the majestic silhouettes of Mount Chaberton, Colle del Monginevro, and Monti della Luna.

A true paradise for mountain enthusiasts, poised to become a significant summer and winter destination, thanks to the birth of new activities and the establishment of the Club Med resort in San Sicario.
Among traditional alpine houses and exclusive slope-side buildings, today the area offers numerous activities in every season. In the summer, you can engage in various sports such as tennis, archery, horseback riding, mountain biking, grass skiing, and reach an exclusive golf club in just 15 minutes by car. Not to mention the opportunity for walks and hikes along trails that wind through lush meadows and forests.

During the winter, the landscape is dominated by the Vialattea, one of Italy’s most prominent ski resorts and the host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. It boasts 400 km of ski slopes, modern ski lifts, and a panoramic altitude of 2800 m, providing breathtaking views of the Upper Susa Valley and the Val Chisone.”




An unprecedented way of living, designed to transform the mountain living experience into a natural choice.

Sun Sicario’s offering is divided into two distinct proposals, Sun Sicario Chalet and Sun Sicario Apartments, united by a respect for the landscape, exclusive style, and high technological and functional performance.
The modern and refined design of the buildings draws inspiration from the surrounding environment, aiming to create a sense of harmony, openness, and a perfect synergy with the surroundings.

Furthermore, the 15 chalets and 22 apartments can be fully customized down to every detail, incorporating high-quality natural materials, exquisite details, and pure comfort

For a home that speaks of natural luxury in every smallest detail.




Wood and stone for the chalets, natural materials deeply connected to the mountain landscape, crafting a traditional architecture immersed in greenery, both in private gardens and shared pathways throughout the village. The perfect retreat, an oasis to live in harmony with nature, rediscovering the authentic values of mountain life, its tranquil rhythms, and the woody scents of the forests.
In order to meet everyone’s needs, Sun Sicario Chalet offers the possibility to choose independent single-family solutions for those who wish to enjoy spacious areas, or chalets with multiple living units, perfect for those who prefer a cozier environment.

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Sun Sicario Apartments combine brightness and extensive outdoor spaces, immersion in nature, and meticulous attention to detail. It’s a perfect blend of modern design and mountain style, characterized by refined simplicity. The ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive home to spend their leisure time in tranquility

The 22 housing solutions, spread across four distinct floors, will have various sizes to accommodate different tastes and needs. Access to the outdoors will be provided through gardens and spacious terraces.
The close proximity to the ski lifts will allow you to effortlessly ski back home, embracing your winter passions in the most convenient way.

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The Chalets and Apartments are equipped with private and shared services and home facilities, providing each owner with a daily routine focused on relaxation.

Private ski lockers for conveniently storing all your equipment

Underground parking to provide a reserved and secure space for every vehicle

Bike box with a washing and maintenance area

Gym area for dedicating time to body care

Green areas and spacious private terraces for fully enjoying nature

Technology and security for managing and living every moment to the fullest

Convenient ski lifts for returning home with skis on

Concierge service


Who we are


Sun Sicario Chalet & Apartments is an initiative by the Krediamo Group, active for over 20 years in real estate and technology development.
Designed by the GAS Architecture studio, the building is created by architect Giuseppe Chiodin, who specializes in sustainability projects, hotellerie, and Suites Apartments such as the eco Resort Club Med chalets in Pragelato and the upcoming Resort Club Med San Sicario.
The marketing is handled by the companies Logo, and Immobiliare Bugnone.

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